Tuesday, February 16, 2016

(D.I.C.E.) Diversity, Intercultural, and Community Engagement Certificate Program

(D.I.C.E.) Diversity, Intercultural, and Community Engagement Certificate Program

"a certificate earning program hosted by the Student Life Multicultural Center (SLMCC) for all students interested in enhancing their Ohio State experience through co-curricular involvement focused on diversity, social justice, service, and leadership. Through this program, students gain valuable leadership and diversity skills to prepare them for their future. DICE provides diversity training through experiential learning and serves as a unique way of supporting student identity and interpersonal development."

Step 1: Get your D.I.C.E. card punched by attending six programs:
  • Three co-curricular Social Justice Engagement (SJE) dialogues throughout the year, and
  • Three Heritage and/or Awareness events offered through the Multicultural Center
    • Check which events count by signing up for the SJE newsletter or checking out the Multicultural Center's calendar.
Step 2: Complete ONE of the following options:
  • Earn a passing grade in ESHESA 2577: Crossing Boundaries: A Journey Towards Intercultural Leadership Identity Development
    • Columbus Campus
    • 3 credits
    • GE Diversity: Social Diversity in the US
    • "Builds on intellectual and experiential engagement with issues of difference, diversity, social justice, and alliance building."
  • Complete at least 10 hours on a community service program of your choice, in consultation with the DICE program coordinator.
    • Be prepared to discuss with the DICE program coordinator how the project you choose fits within the goals of the DICE program and what you hope to gain from the experience.
  • Host a program through the MCC on a diversity and social justice topic of your choosing, in consultation with the DICE program coordinator.
Step 3: Write a reflection paper on your experience with the DICE program

If you have any questions or would like a DICE card to begin participating in this program, please contact Stephen Deaderick, deaderick.3@osu.edu.

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