Monday, April 25, 2016

Ojibwe Cosmos: Mercury in Retrograde, Earthly Stardust and Intricate Stellar Maps

April 2, 2016.
Konnie Lemay, of Indian Country Today, has written a thoughtful article about recent efforts to teach Anishinaabe star knowledge; which has the fortunate effect of debunking myths about American Indian nations.

"Long before Europeans brought over their Greek monikers for the constellations, Native cultures already had named their sky people. And those faraway relatives helped them to understand their world and how to survive in it.

For the Ojibwe, the constellations of Mooz (Moose), Biboonikeonini (Wintermaker), Mishi Bizhiw (the Great Panther) and Nanaboujou (the original man of Anishinaabe narratives), heralded the arrival of fall, winter, spring and summer."

To read the full articleclick here.

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