Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Midwest American Indian & Earthworks Video

"Tribal Participation in the Preservation of the Newark Earthworks" 
-Interim Director Marti Chaatsmith February 18, 2015

When researching a new topic or trying to find more information, finding videos with reliable sources is difficult. Midwest American Indian & Earthworks Videos is our attempt at collating 
free, online, informational videos about American Indian cultures, particularly from the Great Lakes, and monumental earthworks histories worldwide. These videos represent a small sample of current or recent knowledge and we hope you find them useful to introduce topics and terms for research, general knowledge, and to use as classroom resources. This is by no means a comprehensive list and links may be subject to change. As time passes, information is updated and 
so described conclusions may no longer be valid.

The full Midwest American Indian & Earthworks Videos tab is
always available on the right-hand side of our blog,
under the heading Collected Resources.

We welcome your input and would like to hear from you; 
please contact us at earthworks@osu.edu .

The views, opinions, and beliefs expressed within all articles, videos, and links from this blog
do not necessarily represent The Ohio State University or the Newark Earthworks Center.
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