Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Summer Trip: The Ancient Ohio Trail Route | Marietta, Muskingum

The Ancient Ohio Trail Route | Marietta, Muskingum

These itineraries suggest many opportunities to extend, deepen, and customize your travel throughout Ohio. Enjoy "early Ohio" sites like historic inns, ancient roads tracing American Indian and settlers pathways, plus canals, historic sites and early industries.

This route consists of ten optional sites:
  1. Marietta
  2. Conus Mound
  3. Campus Martius Museum & Ohio River Museum
  4. Capitolium Mound
  5. Quadranaou Mond
  6. Devola Lock
  7. Big Bottom Massacre
  8. Stockport
  9. McConnellsville
  10. Zanesville, "Zane's Trace"
The Ancient Ohio Trail
For more information, visit: The Ancient Ohio Trail.

The Newark Earthworks.
Image Courtesy of the Ancient Ohio Trail.
The Newark Earthworks, "The Largest Geometric Earthwork Complex in the World",
is close by if you want to add it to your trip!

For more information about UNESCO World Heritage, 

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