Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Age of Exploration Digital Maps Collection

"The Age of Exploration Digital Maps Collection has as its focus the digitization and study of maps of the Western Hemisphere from the sixteenth through eighteenth centuries, beginning with the earliest conceptualization of the lay of the land and waterways through the solidification of geographic knowledge and advancements in cartography. These artistic renderings of time and space also convey much about society, culture, and politics of the imperial era, as Europeans sought to expand their influence through trade with, and a colonial occupation of, the Americas. These maps tell us indirectly about European conceptualizations of imperial “self” as well as colonized “other,” including portraits, as they do, of indigenous peoples they encountered (or imagined, if endeavoring to convey information collected on voyages made by earlier explorers/conquerors)"

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" Please do not download and print any of these photographs for publication in any form without requesting permission from the repositories that hold the original manuscripts."

By Period of Composition
  • 16th Century
    • 1500s
    • "Americae sive Novi Orbis..." by Abraham Ortelius, 1570 [1608-1612]. Analysis by Dr. James Walker
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  • 17th Century
    • 1600s
  • 18th Century
    • 1700s
By Region
  • Western Hemisphere
  • World Maps
  • The Pacific
By Maker
  • Sebastian Munster
  • Hnas Holbein
  • John Speed
  • Michael Mercator
  • Abraham Ortelius
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