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Ohio Hopewell: Ancient Crossroads of the American Midwest

Ohio Hopewell: Ancient Crossroads of the American Midwest

"This collaboration between the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Center for Digital Research in the Humanities, the University of Illinois at Chicago, Northwestern University and the Field Museum of Natural History combines institutional resources in the form of museum collections, archives, and digital humanities computing. Our work began in January of 2015 and has resulted in a variety of digital products available through this web portal (published in February of 2016). Through this project, we have digitized and aggregated hundreds of digital assets to make this phenomenal Hopewell archaeological collection publicly accessible. Some of these resources were produced through the considerable efforts of Essenpreis and Nash, others were created through the efforts of this project. We anticipate these documents, inventories, and photographs will facilitate research both within the museum and with outside scholars and institutes. Additionally, we hope the resources presented here will foster interest in the Hopewell Culture of the Ohio River Valley and serve as a catalyst for future work to create a larger, more comprehensive, repository."
Archival Documents

  • Field Museum Library Digital Collections
    • "includes Moorehead’s original field notes as well as hand drawn site maps.... excavated at three sites in 1891 and 1892: Fort Ancient, Oregonia, Anderson, and the Hopewell Mound Group....Approximately 941 pages have been digitized."

Catalog Report

  • Detailed information about The Field Museum's Hopewell artifact collections

Finding Aids

  • The Hopewell Project, 1984-1987, 1995
    • Dr. Patricia Essenpreis
  • The Hopewell Site Collection at the Field Museum: A Finding Guide to the Objects and Related Records
    • Groups of objects acquired by the Field Museum
  • World's Columbian Exposition to Southern Ohio, 1891, 1892
    • Archival documents housed at the Field Museum

Catalog Cards
"These cards contain original documentation and artifact identification along with notes regarding changes made throughout the museum’s history.... should serve as a historical reference only."

Excavation Albums
"contain images of Moorehead’s excavation, maps, and professional photographs of artifacts.....While we have kept the albums as true to their original form as possible, images of human remains have been redacted because of their cultural sensitivity. We have chosen to remove only the images themselves and have left the photo captions in place."

  • Hopewell 44
  • Hopewell 44a

Roughly 280 images are currently online in this gallery, although half are available in historic excavation albums.

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