Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Don't Forget About Our Resource Pages!

Besides our Calendar & OSU Classes Tabs at the top of our blog, we also have a selection of Collected Resources on our Blog's right-hand side (below Translate and Search This Site). 

In these tabs we have attempted to locate trustworthy locations 
for information and further research.

Midwestern & Mound Building Nations

This is an alphabetical list (not complete) of federally recognized tribes which were known to have resided in the land which became Ohio. We also include links for  researching 
Midwestern history and cultures.


Midwest American Indian & Earthworks Video

February 18, 2015.

This is an attempt to find credible videos for Midwest Native and earthworks history worldwide. This is by no means a comprehensive list and links may be subject to change. As time passes, information is updated and so described conclusions may no longer be valid.

  • Video Collections by Site
    • i.e. The Chickasaw Nation TV, Virtual First Ohioans
  • Reputable Youtube Channels
    • i.e. Smithsonian NMAI, Ohio History Video, C-SPAN

Hopewell Ceremonial Earthworks

This page contains links to the site managers of the nine earthworks sites, relevant resources,
 articles, and past related posts.



A starting point for reputable undergraduate research, with links other than those in our sidebars. These lists are by no means complete, and are meant inform about current and past perspectives
by a diverse spectrum of view points.
  • Blogs
  • Centers, Committees, Institutes, Societies, etc.
  • Historical Sources
  • Informative Links
  • Museums & Historic Sites
  • News Sites
  • Ohio Tourism
    • Only includes counties with known earthworks sites

Newark Earthworks

 (Opens in a New Window).
  • About the Site
  • The Great Circle
  • Building the Great Circle
  • The Water-Filled Ditch
  • Eagle Mound
  • Processional Ways
  • Newark's Waterways
  • A Sacred Region
  • The "Old Fort"
  • Public Spectacles
  • A Prairie Lanscape
  • The Cherry Valley
  • The Salisbury Brothers
  • Modern Rituals
  • The Square
  • The Burial Ellipse
  • The Newark Shaman
  • The Octagon Earthworks
  • A Lunar Calendar
  • Modern Moonrise Celebrations
  • Observatory Mound and Circle
  • River Terraces
  • The Octagon Gateways
  • Geometrical Precision
  • The Great Hopewell Road
  • The Octagon's Modern History

American Indian Events

This tab includes a Google Calendar of American Indian related events within Ohio and the Midwest, available site tours, and exhibits. Sources include not only our events, but also those of the Ohio History ConnectionHopewell Culture National Historical ParkSerpent MoundFort AncientSunwatch Indian Village/Archaeological ParkFort RecoveryFlint Ridge, and many others.

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