Thursday, June 15, 2017

Scientists discover origins of ancient Hopewell culture's meteorite jewelry

May 2, 2017.
Léa Surugue, of the International Business Times, has written an engaging article about Dr. Tim McCoy's latest research into the origins of metoritic iron used during the Hopewell Cultural time period. Previously, it was unknown where the original meteorite might have fallen which made conclusions about the dispersion of the iron difficult.

 Dr. McCoy, a citizen of the Miami Nation and curator of meteorites at the Smithsonian Institution, strongly believes that "Meteorites are exceptionally rare objects. While it might make sense for an individual to travel to the site of large copper deposits and bring back material, it is difficult to reconcile that kind of model with something like a meteorite. By establishing a link between Anoka, Minnesota and Havana, Illinois – two places within reach of known Hopewell centres and connected by major river systems – the trade model seems much more plausible"

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