Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Archaeologists Have a Huge New Stonehenge to Figure Out

Photo courtesy by Evgenii Bogdanov.

 November 17, 2016.
In Kazakhstan, Archaeologists have found a complex of stone structures similar to the Stonehenge but bigger. " The site is the size of 200 American football fields, about 300 acres." Its existence was found by an explorer, F. Akhmadulin, who was searching the surrounding area with a metal detector when he discovered a metal saddle fragment.

Upon discovery of the saddle, Akhmadulin showed Evgenii Bogdanov, of the Russian Academy of Sciences Siberian Department's Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography, his find and the within the context of the site where it was found. The Russian Academy's interest was raised when they saw the stone pillars. 

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